Sour Dough Starter Begins..

I am on a bit of a journey at the moment, i suppose i am getting back to basics in a way. I am creating a new direction for myself through my love of food. I have realised i have the "gift of the gab" which is taking me in a role of a teacher which i suppose i have always done in one way or another via the commercial kitchen. Now however i want to really help everyday people feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen. I would love to see people buying locally and buying produce from vendors who take pride in what they produce. It is humbling to talk too such people as they make you respect food and in return,
wanting to create beautiful dishes with it.
I have been pondering over where to start with my own personal journey and of course at home is the best place to start. My family are indeed my best critics, feeding the children is quite a challenge as you need to keep them enthusiastic at meal times and you need to keep it healthy. As a parent it is our responsibility!

So i have started a sour dough starter, so i can create chemical free bread. That however is not the only reason, i love the pure flavour and the airy, loose texture of it. Especially when grilled and rub with garlic and dunked into peppery, green olive oil....oh la la
I will post the recipe and hopefully some pics which aren't to boring of grapes fermenting...