Summer holidays here in New Zealand are a pretty chilled out affair.  After living abroad for so long, i do really appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a good old NZ day out.  One of my brothers has a holiday crib (batch or holiday house, depending on where you are from), in beautiful, quaint Warrington.  Its only a mere 20 minute drive north of Dunedin and you end up in a lovely village, no shops, no cafes but my goodness what a magnificent beach and bay.  No matter the weather or mood, i find Warrington is my space to clear my head and too take a few deep breaths of fresh sea air.  Life ain't too bad!!

What i love about my day out at the crib (holiday house) is that it is back to basics, you automatically unwind, sit back in the sun chairs and catch up with the whanau (family).  It is important to stop the madness and to catch up on the sweet, little things; like how is school going, how are the renovations going on the house or what have we got to eat.....(sorry that's my obsessed thoughts).

old skool classic holiday cooking equipment


My children got to splash around in the water at the bay and i got to try my brother Bruce's new toy board out.  It was great fun and now i want one...

Board Surfing

I am feeling positive about 2011, i wish for a healthy family and lots of laughter.  Happy New Year Everyone!