Chillies need not be all hot, they have intense flavour as well as different degrees of heat. Ask Vivienne and Scott for advise on them and do try them out in different ways, you will be amazed at the variety of dishes you will be making.

1 Red capsicum - blackened, peeled, seeds removed
1 Green capsicum - blackened, peeled seeds removed
1 Jalapeno chilli
1 Hungarian wax chilli
1 red onion - sliced thinly
Good handful fresh coriander and mint roughly chopped
1 lime- juice or red wine vinegar
Good glug of olive oil
Salt and cracked pepper
Sprinkle of sugar

Blacken the capsicum either over a naked flame on stove if using gas or under a hot grill, rotate the capsicum until it is all black. Put it into a bowl and cover with glad wrap and seal tightly. It helps loosen the skin to make peeling easier. Remove the seeds and as much of the black skin as possible, but do not worry about it if there is still some left on as it adds a smoky flavour. Slice into strips, add to a good size bowl and add sliced onion, and finely chopped chillies - remove seeds if concerned about it being to hot. Also if you only want a little heat don’t add all the chilli. Add the roughly chopped coriander and mint, lime juice and oil. Season with salt and pepper. Mix well and taste if you need to adjust the balance of heat or lime juice then do so to your taste. A little sprinkle of sugar also helps to add a balance.
It is great with a steak sliced thinly, some lettuce and plenty of Mixed Chilli Salsa.