Desserts, FruitAlison Lambert

Desserts, FruitAlison Lambert
60g of medium oatmeal
150g of raspberries
4 tablespoons of malt whisky
4 tablespoons of runny Scottish honey
600mls of double cream

Mix oatmeal with a little drizzle of honey, spread evenly over tray and place under grill. Don’t go away as it burns quickly! Once it has toasted to a light golden colour remove and cool down.
Lightly whip cream to form stiff peaks, then fold through ¾ of the remaining honey and whisky. Fold through ½ the amount of cooled toasted oats - for a bit of texture.
It looks good either in individual glasses or one large glass bowl.
Place a little cream in the bottom of each glass, an even amount of raspberries in each glass. Add another good spoonful of cream mixture and top neatly with more raspberries. Continue until all the glasses are done. Finish with another spoonful of cream and finally add a scattering of toasted oats. Chill until required.