You would be a strong person who could say no to a warm golden syrup pudding, with homemade custard and lightly whipped cream.  This is a very easy recipe consisting of only a few delicious ingredients.  However it is the cooking that may make people a little nervous. 
I used my largest pot (pasta or stock pot) put a litre or two of hot water in the bottom and placed a soup bowl up side down in the pot to act as my trivet to hold the pudding.  If you don't have a pudding basin (who does?) then use a deep stainless steel bowl or something similar.  Cover with foil and that is it!!


Serves 6-8

175g softened butter, plus a little for greasing
175g light muscovado sugar
1 Tbsp golden syrup
3 large eggs
175g self-raising flour

For the custard
1 vanilla pod
600ml full cream milk
4 egg yolks
3 Tbsp caster sugar
4 Tsp cornflour

300ml cream, lightly whipped


Generously grease a 1.2 litre pudding basin or deep bowl with some butter.  Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until light and creamy.  Beat in the eggs one at a time, adding a little flour with the last egg and then gently fold in the rest of the flour.
Spoon the mixture into the pudding basin and gently smooth the surface.  Cover the bowl with a pleated sheet of buttered foil and then tie tightly with string.
Bring the water in the pot to the boil (like i mentioned above).  Add the pudding and cover and steam for 2 hours.
Meanwhile, make the custard; Slit open the vanilla pod and scrap the seeds.  Put the milk, vanilla seeds and pod into a pot and bring to the boil.  Remove from the heat and set aside for 20 minutes or so to allow for the flavours to infuse. 
Cream the egg yolks, sugar and cornflour together until smooth.  Gradually pour in the milk whilst stirring all the time.  Continue until all the milk is incorporated.  Put into a clean pot and heat gently, stirring constantly, until the custard thickens but don't let the mixture boil.
To serve, carefully uncover the pudding and run a knife around the edge of the basin.  Cover with an inverted plate and turn it out. 
Serve with warm custard and cream.