If you haven't heard i have written a cute, informative cook book!  It is the first of four books which are designed to assist with the seasons.  It is based on our local market which in relationship with the rest on New Zealand is one of the biggest.  Yet some of our produce arrives a little later in the season, due to our unpredictable climate.  There is a comprehensive list of produce, when it is in season, how to store it, what to look for when purchasing it.  It also has a fabulous collection of seasonal, practical and quite delicious recipes.

I have finally started book two, which will focus on Summer, and i will be allocating a lot of pages to the art of preserving.  It really is satisfying, great for gifts and for some reason people tend to think you are cleaver... never quite understood it, but it makes you feel as though you have achieved something.

Any way you can purchase this book at the Otago Farmers Market or contact me via this blog and i could post you one.