1 kg butter

60g tomato ketchup

25g Dijon mustard

25g capers (in brine)

125g brown eschalots

50g fresh curly parsley

50g fresh chives

5g dried marjoram

5g dried dill

5g fresh thyme, leaves only

10 leaves fresh French tarragon

Pinch ground rosemary

1 garlic clove, squashed then chopped very finely

8 anchovy fillets (rinsed)

1 tbs good brandy

1 tbs Madeira

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

½ tsp sweet paprika

½ tsp curry powder (Keens)

Pinch cayenne

8 white peppercorns

juice 1 lemon

zest of ½ lemon

zest ¼ orange

12gm salt


Mix all ingredients with the exception of butter in a glass bowl and leave

to marinate for 24 hours in a warm part of the kitchen (a slight

fermentation occurs). Purée the mixture in a blender and push through a

chinois. Foam the butter and mix with the purée. Cover and store in the

fridge. It is customary to form the butter into a log, freeze it and cut off slices as you need them.

Keeps for several weeks.

Upon service a round of frozen butter is placed on the cooked sirloin and put under a VERY hot salamander for just long enough to begin to brown the top of the butter (while the butter underneath stays cold).