Culverden Fete

Well it is not very often i get out of Dunedin. Simon (my husband) and the children are all coming with me to Culverden. I have been asked to do a demonstration at their Christmas Fete. Here i was thinking it was a quiet country affair, only to realise it has been going for a mere 20years!! I am now very anxious as i have no idea what to expect. My worst nightmare would be if no one came to watch, imagine that...! Apart from my crazy insecurities, it will be lovely to have a change of scenery for us all.
I won't be taking my trustee computer or anything that resembles technology, as i really am having a few days out. When i come back i will be focusing on this blog and hanging out in my garden and kitchen. So i can get you all excited about the wicked produce that will be gracing our tables.
Have fun and look forward to catching up soon!